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Strategy & Operations Consulting

Delivering today.
Shaping tomorrow.

Strategy & Operations Consulting

Delivering today.
Shaping tomorrow.

Digital Transformation

Bringing Technology to Life.

Empowering people, inspiring innovation.

We offer technology integration with a human touch. In a constantly evolving digital landscape, embracing technological advancements can provide you with a cutting edge over your competitors and adversaries. We work in partnership with you to understand your organisation, requirements, challenges, and considerations, enabling us to assist you to achieve impactful digital transformation.

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Digital and business transformation


How to integrate new concepts and technology

Digital transformation




Emerging technologies


Customer experiences



Change effectively


Competitive advantage

Digital Transformation Services

With extensive experience across the information and security sector, GDAK provides digital transformation services to suit your business needs. Adaptable and approachable, we strive to develop your use of current and emerging technologies and equip you with the knowledge and experience to succeed.

Operationalising technology

Technology Operationalisation

We possess a powerful understanding of the use of technology in achieving organisational goals across MoD, national security areas of government and the private sector. Our strong background in cyber technical operations and associated technical intelligence disciplines allows us to provide unique and innovative solutions to complex technology operationalisation problems.

Technology Integration

Technology Integration

We are well versed and experienced in utilising our SME knowledge and influence of technical operations to bridge capability areas to facilitate impactful integration of technical capabilities within organisations. Our technical integration service provides responsive incremental integration, and change implementation, monitoring key performance indicators and milestones to maintain and ultimately improve organisational output.

Business Analysis Services

Technical Business Analysis

Our technical business analysis service communicates across all levels of your organisation in a clear, concise, and relevant manner, ensuring engagement and understanding across all areas. Providing exceptional stakeholder engagement and mapping, business process and gap analysis, we deliver services to understand and improve your organisation.

Cyber and synthetic ranges

Synthetic Range Design & Management

We have proven experience in the design, delivery, and use of multiple synthetic cyber range environments for MoD and Government departments, enabling the testing of technical capabilities and exercising of organisational teams. Our technical thought leadership supports our clients through the design and implementation of synthetic ranges, translating customer requirements into effective work packages delivered by a multidisciplined range delivery approach.

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