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Cyber, Intelligence & Crisis Exercising 

Prepare. Rehearse. Succeed.

Empowering preparedness - transforming futures with scenario-based experiences. 


The middle of a crisis is the worst time to test whether your processes and technology work and if your people know how to respond. Explore the integration of new concepts and technology, prepare for future scenarios before you encounter them, and rehearse plans before they are needed. 


Exercising provides the ideal realistic and immersive environment to test and experiment without the risk during a real situation.  


Working in partnership with you, we specialise in developing tailored and bespoke exercises to ensure we satisfy your unique requirements. 

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Why Exercise?

Why Exercise?


How to integrate new ideas

Operations and plans before they are needed 


People, Processes, and Technology


Gaps and issues in a safe, risk-free environment 


Preparedness to respond

to any eventuality 



Cross functional collaboration


Decision making under pressure 

Exercising Services

Cyber Exercising

Cyber Exercising

From cyber incident response to cyber operation delivery, exercising allows your organisation to explore innovation, rehearse plans, assess people, processes, and technology in a safe environment. Our experts bring cyber to life in immersive, realistic situations, via a range of products, from small scale workshops to complex synthetic environment simulations.

Military Exercising

Military Exercising

Tailored to the unique requirements of military exercising, our experienced specialists combine military and government organisational expertise, with a detailed understanding of an adversary mindset to deliver first-class exercise scenarios, scripting, simulation and much more.

Crisis Exercising

Crisis Exercising 

We create realistic scenarios to test the most comprehensive of crisis response plans, our extensive exercising and operational management expertise, ensures immersion in a challenging and engaging exercise situation which will assess an organisations people, processes, and technology.

Exercising consultancy

Exercising Consultancy

Our team are well versed in working closely with clients to understand your exercising needs and to identify and develop tailored exercise solutions. Experts in exercise design and delivery, we provide customised exercise solutions, which allow organisations to identify business risks and deliver organisational improvements.

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