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Military Exercising

Prepare. Rehearse. Succeed.

Adapt, anticipate, excel - supporting you to deliver today whilst preparing for the challenges of tomorrow.

Tailored to the unique requirements of military exercising, our experienced specialists combine military and government organisational expertise, with a detailed understanding of an adversary mindset to deliver first-class exercise scenarios, scripting, simulation and much more.

intelligence exercise scripting and fusion

Intelligence Scripting & Fusion

Taking the burden out of exercise content creation, we use our detailed understanding of multiple intelligence disciplines to deliver value to the end user. We specialise in tailoring exercise content to ensure the relevant intelligence types, methods and capabilities are integrated into exercise design and planning efforts and the material is immersive and beneficial to the exercise training audience.

military partner community integration and simulation services

Partner Integration & Simulation

Our relationships across the military and intelligence communities allow us to simulate strategic, operational, and tactical communities of interest and how they integrate to deliver UK military effect. These simulation services have been supplied to multiple UK exercise events, supporting a range of military headquarters.

adversary simulation and red teaming

Adversary Simulation

Possessing a unique understanding of symmetric and asymmetric threat actors likely to compete with UK Military organisations in both warfighting and sub-threshold contexts, our ability to simulate adversarial force elements is exceptional. We have provided adversary simulation to multiple UK, NATO, and Coalition Partner exercises, ensuring an accurate and immersive exercise experience for participants.

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