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Modern Slavery Statement


At GDAK Cyber Solution we have a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery and are fully committed to protecting human rights and preventing slavery and human trafficking in our operations and supply chain.

As a small and growing business, we are committed to doing the right thing and as we grow, ensure our practices and corporate responsibilities develop with that growth. 2022 was a key year for our company in its endeavour to mature its business practices as it grows to meet new challenges.

This statement sets out our key achievements in 2022 to prevent modern slavery taking place in our business and supply chains:

Right to Work Employment Process – We continued to ensure our employment screenings included right to work in the UK checks. This helps to ensure we are not engaging with anyone who has been trafficked and cannot legally work in the UK.

Anti-Slavery & Human Trafficking Policy – We continued to review our existing policies, communicate these to our workforce, raise awareness through training and promote a culture of zero tolerance.

New – Corporate Social Responsibility Code of Conduct – We introduced a code of conduct to make it clear of our expectations and commitments within our CSR to upholding human rights, labour standards and ethical practises as part of our continuous improvement and core principles of our corporate responsibilities.

New – Whistleblowing Policy – We introduced guidance, support and training on whistleblowing to encourage our workforce to speak up if they have concerns about any illegal practices, including modern slavery in our business or supply chain. This included an anonymous reporting function.

New – Third Party Supply Management Policy – We introduced principles and direction that govern purchasing goods and services that support our operations to ensure our commitment to preventing modern slavery within our supply chain.

Training & Awareness – We continued to highlight modern slavery and how to spot indicators to prevent human rights abuse, providing information, guidance and communication of our policies on a yearly basis with our work force. We conducted a corporate social responsibility awareness week where posters and additional information was updated on our company notice boards. We have also pledged to bring in a company-wide e-learning package to support our commitment to preventing modern slavery by continuing to increase awareness and the information available across the company.

GDAK continued to procure minimal goods and services through 2022 and the breadth of services and goods procured and purchased still remain limited to suppliers of computer software and equipment, small specialist consultancy companies, office equipment and furnishings, suppliers of hospitality and catering services for meetings, and utilities suppliers. The risk of modern slavery within our supply chain continues to be very low. However, we are committed to ensuring that controls continue to be in place, reviewed and improved to prevent modern slavery within our operations.


Overall responsibility for modern slavery sits with our Board of Directors. Our Modern Slavery Statement is signed by our CEO.

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