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Exercising Consultancy

Prepare. Rehearse. Succeed.

Adapt, anticipate, excel - supporting you to deliver today whilst preparing for the challenges of tomorrow.

Our team are well versed in working closely with clients to understand your exercising needs and to identify and develop tailored exercise solutions. Experts in exercise design and delivery, we provide customised exercise solutions, which allow organisations to identify business risks and deliver organisational improvements.

Exercising strategy and programme design

Exercise Programme Design

Adopting a partnership approach to exercise design and delivery, we tailor our services to meet the needs of you and your organisation. We aim to understand your organisational aims, to recommend, define, design, and deliver exercise programmes to match your requirements, whether as a singleton event or a series designed to deliver incremental improvements.

cyber ranges and exercise environment design

Cyber Exercise Environment Design

We have proven experience in the design, delivery, and use of multiple synthetic cyber range environments for MoD and Government departments, enabling the testing of technical capabilities and exercising of organisational teams. Our technical thought leadership supports our clients through the design and implementation of synthetic ranges, translating customer requirements into effective work packages delivered by a multidisciplined range delivery approach.

exercise needs analysis services

Exercise Needs Analysis

We work with you to understand and review your exercising needs and aspirations, capture your requirements, and provide a recommended approach. Collating requirements from your stakeholder community, from end-users to developers and beyond, our exercise needs analysis service elaborates your requirements and provides a detailed exercising proposal tailored to your needs.

lessons identified and lessons learned

Lessons Identified Service

Throughout the exercise delivery process our lessons identified service continually reviews participant progress for you, in line with the exercise objectives. During delivery we capture observations to enable post-delivery assessment and review to reflect on exercise performance and identifies opportunities for further development on your organisational development journey.

training and exercise control, delivery and management

Training and Exercising Control Function

An effective exercise control function is key to successful exercise deliveries regardless of their type and scale. Our team are highly experienced in the delivery of all types of exercises and choose an implementation method to suit your requirements and align with your culture and values. With options for in person, virtual, or hybrid delivery of exercises, our exercise control services remove event delivery burden from organisations, allowing total client focus on exercise participation.

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