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Cyber Exercising

Prepare. Rehearse. Succeed.

Adapt, anticipate, excel - supporting you to deliver today whilst preparing for the challenges of tomorrow.

From cyber incident response to cyber operation delivery, exercising allows your organisation to explore innovation, rehearse plans, assess people, processes, and technology in a safe environment. Our experts bring cyber to life in immersive, realistic situations, via a range of products, from small scale workshops to complex synthetic environment simulations.

Cyber incident response exercise

Cyber Incident Response Exercising

GDAK have extensive experience in improving the cyber resilience and cyber maturity of organisations. Our Cyber Incident Response exercising services combine a deep understanding of cyber threat actor methods, NIST principles and Mitre Att&ck framework, to provide exercises that allow organisations to practice and improve cyber incident response and remediation measures.

Military CPX and TTX operational planning exercising

Cyber Operations Exercising

With deep specialised knowledge of the UK cyber and intelligence environment, we have desk-level experience of working with Industry, MoD and UK Government departments on cyber operational planning and delivery. Our cyber operations exercises allow education, training and mentoring to be delivered within a single event that allows organisations to develop the integration of cyber into operational delivery.

Cyber wargaming and MDI integration


A proven supplier of cyber wargaming content to industry and defence, our wargaming services allow senior decision makers within organisations to explore strategic connotations of cyber issues. We have provided wargames to explore cyber concepts, cyber doctrine, cyber security development options and business resilience to cyber-attacks.

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