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Transforming Challenges Into Opportunities

Cyber & Intelligence Specialists

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The growth of digital technology and connectivity brings opportunities and risks for organisations of all sizes. Embracing technology utilisation by people and processes, can generate lasting improvement to organisational outputs.


From operational planning to the creation of innovative technical solutions, we are experts in cyber and intelligence. Focusing on the interactions of people and technology within their environment, we take unique problems and work in partnership with our clients to deliver impactful and enduring results.

Our Services

In a safe environment, explore concepts, rehearse your plans, assess your people, processes, and technology, through variable size tabletop and simulated play exercises.

Drive innovation and improvement through integration of technology, upskilling of your people and refinement of your process, to align with cyber security best practice.

Predict future trends, threats, and opportunities, and develop credible strategies and plans to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Predict future trends, threats and opportunities, and develop strategy and plans to meet the challenges of tomorrow. 

People are at the core of every organisation, develop their skills and knowledge to protect, secure, and improve your organisation.


Private Sector

Private Sector

Working with private sector clients we have supported the integration and deployment of multiple software and hardware solutions, overseeing design, development and testing of new capabilities for real-world implementation.

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National Security

Supporting National Security adaptive and transformational change programmes, conducting business analysis of the stakeholder community to deliver change implementation whilst monitoring key performance indicators to improve organisational agility.

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Assisting MoD in developing cyber and intelligence operations strategy through delivery of a cognitive business change plan to assist future force planning and development, delivered through a programme of tailored exercise events and workshops.

Critical National Infrastructure

With expert understanding of the cyber threat environment, we have supported CNI cyber security initiatives, through tailored training and exercising consultation and refinement of cyber security processes.

Critical National Infrastructure

Why GDAK, professional, trained experienced with continuous improvement focus
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Real-world Operational Experience 

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Continual Improvement Focused

Certified Cyber Professionals 

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Engaging & Immersive Services

Industry Framework Aligned

Customer-centric Approach

“My personal view is that this is neither exercising nor training - it is truly transformational." 
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