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GDAK Achieves QG Quality Management Fundamentals Certification

GDAK are pleased to announce its recent achievement of the QG Quality Management Fundamentals Certification. This certification, awarded through its QG Management Standards, signifies GDAK's commitment to maintaining a high standard of quality management system.


The QG Quality Management Standard is tailored for organisations seeking a robust quality management system framework that is achievable by small to medium sized enterprises (SME). QG Management Standards have been written using the principles of ISO 9001/14001/27001 & OHSAS 18001 which helps SME’s understand the management system and then gives them an opportunity to implement a fit for purpose foundation system into their company. Although GDAK have been running a QMS for considerable time, the implementation and subsequent achievement of this certification proves our QMS and processes by an external agency giving confidence to our customers and supply chain.


The primary objective of the quality management assessment is to ensure that we has effectively implemented the systems required by the scheme. This implementation is aimed at minimising any inconsistency in the supply chain or service delivery. The thorough evaluation involves a comprehensive audit, which has been completed by GDAK employees and approved by our board members.


GDAK remains committed to excellence in all aspects of its operations and looks forward to leveraging the QG Quality Management Fundamentals Certification to further enhance its customer, supplier, and partner relationships.


For more information about the QG Management Standards, please visit .

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