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GDAK adopts a Rhino at Folly Farm, Kilgetty

Meet Manyara the sponsored Rhino

Having a Rhino as our official logo, GDAK has an obvious and strong affiliation with this animal and wanted to do our bit to help look after this endangered species. Engaging with Folly Farm in Kilgetty, Pembrokeshire, we sponsored one of their rhinos for this year. This sponsorship will help raise money for their conservation partners including Dogs4Wildlife, which is a charity that trains dogs to assist anti-poaching rangers in Africa.

Why a Rhino?

The rhino is a strong, but endangered animal. The GDAK directors and many of its staff have worked within very specialist cyber and intelligence environments and have been labelled as “unicorns” but this is not entirely true. Contrary to many young children’s beliefs, the unicorn is a mythical creature, whereas a true and real creature with a horn is the rhino, still endangered but they do exist. Furthermore, the rhino spiritually symbolises kindness, tolerance, and a sense of being grounded. These are all aspects that fit within the culture of our business and the values we abide by.



‘Manyara’ – GDAK sponsored rhino

Manyara, GDAK's sponsored Rhino
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