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Reducing our environmental impact

At GDAK we are passionate about our environment and doing what we can to ensure we are limiting our impact with a vision of achieving net zero as a business, as well as encouraging our staff to make simple changes in their home environment.

We hold environmental bi-annual reviews with our team, where we evaluate our internal KPIs which measure our commitment to net zero, ensuring we continue our good practises and discussing new ways to reduce our energy and carbon emissions.

A big focus for us recently has been to reduce our waste, but where this is not possible to reuse and recycle as much as we can.


We made a change last year to cut out single use cups in their entirety in the office, and we have never purchased single use plastic cutlery. We have made an active effort to discourage printing unless absolutely necessary.

Reuse & Recycle

When it comes to recycling one of our directors leads by example. A keen grow-your-own gardener, Kirsty has her own allotment within the local community. All GDAK’s paper waste is shredded and due to its great source of carbon, is a welcome addition to the compost heap. There is also a kitchen caddy in the office for tea bags and coffee grounds which also gets reused.

For packaging and other waste, we have a dedicated recycle point which has clear guidance what can and can’t be recycled to encourage all staff to appropriately separate their waste.

What else are we already doing:

  • Using renewable energy directly from our solar panels

  • Sensor lighting and energy efficient light panels

  • Car-sharing, using public transport, and removing the need to travel by using virtual meetings when possible.

  • Using timers for air conditioning units

Forward look

As part of the small to medium sized (SME) business community within the UK, which forms the backbone of the UK economy, if we all continue to do our bit we will make a significant positive difference. We will continue to follow our environmental strategy and continually assess where we can do more.

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